Having trained divers from all over the world and reviewed many different teaching methods I have decided to offer more personally based training programs for individuals looking at gaining technical diver and instructor certifications.

I offer training at all level diver and Instructor with TDI, IART, IANTD and PADI Tec-Rec on Open circuit and Rebreather as well as wreck and cave

Rebreather Info

The last decade has seen massive growth in the number of Rebreather units sold and used by sport divers around the world. This section of my site is aimed at educating divers on closed circuit technology.

I currently offer training on The ISC Megalodon CCR, VR-Tech Ouroboros and Sentinel Rebreathers, AP Inspiration & Evolution as well as the new JJ-CCR and SF2-ECCR.

Cave Diving

I offer Cave training from beginner to full cave diver with TDI (Technical Diving International)

I offer a range of cave specialty classes for suitable trained cave divers looking at using sidemount, configuration, technical DPV'S and stage technical decompression along with offering all level cave training on Rebreathers /CCR.


Matt is planning next years Technical diving Training and Trip schedule. Divers interested in Tech, Wreck, Cave or CCR diver or instructor Level training will be able to take a class in Asia, Europe. US & Mexico. Selected programs will also offer the CCR Cave diver and Technical Cave specialties including DPV and Side-mount.