Dive medic and Technical Rescue Training

Our facility based in Phuket, Thailand has its own Hyperbaric Chamber; this allows us to offer dive medical services and training for those engaging in technical diving in remote locations. Those diving with us are rest assured immediate medical care for diving related incidents as we provide this service to the local Phuket diving market.

In addition we are also able to offer Dive medical training via IMCA for a range of off shore training courses or Chamber tender operator programs and Technical Rescue courses via specialties from TDI written for HQ by myself.

The TDI courses last for 5 full days and cover a wide range of topics including project planning, risk assessment, evacuation and of course treatment procedures along with remote medic training. Simply relying on recreational rescue training when operating in far away locations may not be enough. The program is a very rewarding curriculum opens the eyes to many challenges one may face in the field when it all goes wrong.

TDI –Technical Rescue Diver

The aim of the course is to take the skills already taught during your Rescue Diver course and relate them specifically to the hazards, equipment and techniques encountered during technical diving.

Qualifications of Graduates
Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in technical diving activities as long as:

  1. The diving activities approximate those of training.
  2. The areas of activities approximate those of training.
  3. Environmental conditions approximate those of training.

Who May Teach
Who may teach this course?

Any active TDI Technical Rescue Instructor may teach this course. Must be certified as Advanced Nitrox Instructor or Decompression procedures Instructor, with a current sport rescue and CPR Instructor rating.

Student – Instructor Ratio

  1. Unlimited, so long as adequate facility, supplies and time are provided to insure comprehensive and complete training.
    Confined Water (Swimming pool-like conditions):
    1. 1. N/A.
    Open Water (Ocean, lake, quarry, spring, river or estuary):
    • A maximum of four (4) students per Instructor. However, it is the instructor's discretion to reduce

Student Pre-Requisites
The student must:

  1. Be a minimum age of eighteen (18).
  2. Have a minimum certification as a TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver or Decompression Procedures or module One CCR Unit specific Diver and be certified as a rescue diver (or equivalent) with a current CPR Certificate.
  3. Show proof of a minimum of fifty (50) logged dives.

Course Structure and Duration
Open Water Execution:

  • Six (6) dives are required 2 of the dives can be conducted in confined water.