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Mexico Cave Diving

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Over the last decade Mexico has become a playground for cave divers with hundreds of caverns and caves to explore. I offer cave and Rebreather training in Mexico along with cavern, intro cave and full cave classes and specialty training in DPV, side-mount and Stage. We have facilities to accommodate groups and dive clubs looking to cave dive in Mexico.

As a full cave rebreather instructor trainer on the ISC Megalodon and JJ-CCR and a number of other units we offer training and full support for rebreather divers looking to use their CCR to explore the caves of Mexico.

We are able to provide guided cave dives in the Mexican caverns and cave systems, provide logistics transport, gas fills and equipment rental at very attractive rates.

Mexico is considered one of the best places in the world to cave dive with many caves in the region the Mayan underworlds provide a breathtaking experience for those looking to take their diving adventures to another level.

On arrival into Cancun airport you have several options as were to base in order to dive the cenotes of Mexico. The most built up and touristic area is Playa Del Carmen just a 20 min ride from the airport. This region has a wide variety of hotels and places to stay along with hundreds of restaurants and activities a good place to stay for those traveling with families and none cave divers. The caves are then a 30-60 min ride each day down the highway and closer to the area of Tulum.

Around 1.5 hrs from the airport you will arrive in Tulum a relaxed and well centered area for cave divers. The beach front has a wide range of accommodation from boutique hotels to luxury resorts and spa's, closer to town you will find more affordable accommodation situated close by all the towns amenities including grocery shops, banks and heath and fitness club, there is an abundance of places to dine with everything from great local Mexican food, Italian cuisine and great steak houses. Airport transfers can easily be arranged and cost around 130 USD each way to this region.

Best time to Cave dive in Mexico

Cave Diving in Mexico is available all year round with the busy tourist season being from November to January were most accommodation would rise in price. A great time to visit would be just before the main school holidays and primary vacation times. The Rainy season is generally September and October.

Popular Cave dive sites

The most popular caves are concentrated along the coast of the Yucatan. With over 60 popular Cenotes you are spoiled for choice as to were to dive.

Some of the popular dive sites include: Picture Gallery

Divers travel from all over the world to dive the Mexican Caves, the dive sites are easily accessed, mostly shallow around 12m deep with good visibility and warm temperatures of around 25 degrees allowing long penetration dives and excellent conditions for training dives.

Most dive sites are privately owned and charge a minimal entry fee ranging between $10 to $15 dollars local.  At the sites you will find toilets and changing rooms.  Most sites have a platforms and ladders in which to enter and exit the water, with parking close by.

Technical Cave dive sites

There are a number of caves more suited to the technical diver either categorized by liner penetration, restrictions more suited to side-mount or by extreme depths. Only a couple of guides are suitable trained to offer this challenge and logistics are limited to a couple of dive bases providing helium for Trimix range diving and have support for those wishing to dive with Rebreathers and scooters.
Some of the more technical Dive Sites include
The Pit and Angilita Cenote
There are still many unconnected and un-explored Cenotes in this region those willing to invest the time may wish to become part of our projects that are ongoing more information on the cookie monster cavers can be found on the blog.

Available logistics for cave diving

A few reputable dive centers exist to provide logistics to the traveling cave diver only a couple can supply full cave diving equipment including tank rental, canister lights, wings and harness systems and gas fills with the couple of specialist facilities offer technical gases, scooter rentals, Rebreather support and a range of equipment for purchase.

Choosing a Cave Guide or Cave Instructor in Mexico It is important to choose your guide carefully based on their level of experience and team compatibility. Be sure to check Instructor status and ask questions as to their experience levels in the local caves. Expect to receive a detailed dive briefing from the guide. Each guide should have access to first aid and preferable be affiliated to a reputable dive center.

Guided cave dives normally are charged for 2 dives per day, daily rates are around 200usd include two twin tank dives using rule of thirds for gas management allowing for between one and half to two hour dives in the cenotes. Additional fees for technical dives and rebreather dives may apply.

Cave Rebreather Mexico

In recent years more and more divers are visiting Mexico with their rebreathers allowing further penetration and access to the deeper caves for exploration. Not all the caves are suited to rebreather diving given the shallow depths for the average touristic cave dive but for those looking to push the limits of the caves and use multiple stages and scooters you can extend your dives until your desire. Trimix fills and Sofnolime is available but its essential that you order in advance to avoid disappointment. You can rent a verity of tanks for your rebreather but spares and service is very limited so best you travel with spares for your unit. The affiliate centers I work with have support for rebreather and we can of course conduct guided dives and training on several units.

Cave Diver Training In Mexico

All the major cave diving agencies have representatives in the region offering a full range of cave diver training. We support TDI, NACD, NSSCDS, GUE and UTD training at all levels from entry cave to full cave Rebreather along with specialties including DPV, Stage, Side-mount and Survey cave classes. With Instructor training and HQ approved Evaluators we can support dive professionals looking into gaining internship opportunities and instructor classes here in Mexico. Training courses run from three days for basic Cave training to 10 days for full cave and rebreather levels. More information on cave student pre-requisite can be found on our cave courses page and price list.