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Worldwide Technical & Rebreather Training and Trips.

Having been based in Asia for over ten years running Pro-Tech Dive College I am able to offer all level training at both instructor and diver levels with TDI, IART and PADI Tec-Rec in many more locations Including Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico and Europe. All of the bases we dive from are chosen due to the support provided to the technical diver providing technical gases, rebreather support and great options for diving in that region.

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At the main Dive Season often changes from region to region we try to offer training and diving at the best time of year for each location, highlighting the time we are available to host divers in that specific area.

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We have a full range of technical diving equipment, side-mount systems and Rebreather for customer looking to train with us. We can provide all technical gases and sofnolime along with rebreather tanks for the traveling diver.

We can arrange airport transfers and Local accommodation for divers and students staying with us.

If your interested in taking a technical diving class in any of our locations please feel free to contact us for availability or contact me direct on

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