Worldwide Technical & Rebreather Training and Trips

Having traveled the world for the last two decades I continue to offer dive training and trips both at home and abroad. Originating from the UK I spent my younger years diving our British sites, mostly enjoying the shipwrecks we have around the coastline, while enjoying the odd liveaboard trip to the red-sea or hoping over to Malta to escape the British winter for a spot or warmer wreck diving.

I started dry caving here in the UK at 16 yrs old and jumped at the chance to start cave diving in the mid 90’s. Best part of 20yrs of my life has been spent enjoying the underworlds of Europe, Asia, Mexico, Florida and many other caves and mines the world has to offer.

Having managed and owned dive centers in the UK I made the dream move to Asia in 1999 and spent 13 years living and running Pro-Tech Dive colleges in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. In 2014 I moved to Mexico to fulfill a lifetime ambition of diving the amazing caves of the Yucatan. I have been very lucky to have dived all over the world from Truck Lagoon to stony cove and continue to enjoy dive, travel and adventures and love sharing my experiences with other like-minded divers.

I regularly travel around Europe to run classes, with locations including France, Germany, Malta, Croatia, Italy, the Canary Islands and of course all over the UK.

At the partner centers I work with we have a full range of technical diving equipment, side-mount systems and rebreathers for customer looking to train with us. We can provide all technical gases and sofnolime along with rebreather tanks for the traveling diver.

We can arrange airport transfers and local accommodation for divers and students staying with us. If you’re interested in taking a technical diving class in any location please feel free to contact me for availability or contact me direct on

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