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Mexico Cave Diving

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Many divers have moved to diving with Rebreather offering longer dive times, optimal decompression and more aquatic adventures. At Mexico Underground we fully support rebreather divers looking to travel with their rebreather to Mexico for cave diving . We have a selection of rebreather tanks in both 3ltr and 5.5ltr supplies along with plenty of bailout bottles available for rent. We have boosted oxygen filing to 200 bar and plenty of dive sorb for your trip.

Not all rebreather diving prepares divers for cavern or cave diving with the rebreather as this type of diving requires exemplary balance and trim along with special techniques and procedures to safely dive using the rebreather. For this Mexico Underground offers workshops, cave CCR cross over classes and full cave diver training on CCR along with all open environment training on many leading Rebreathers from beginner to advanced mixed gas levels.

Some of the deeper caves and long penetration cave dives make for great rebreather dives, nearly all the popular cave dive sites can be explored using your rebreather, so if you enjoy diving your rebreather theirs no reason to go back to open circuit to have a fantastic cave divingexperience here in Mexico.


  • Full Cave Rebreather Training and Support
  • Sofnolime
  • Boosted Technical Gases
  • Rebreather Cylinder rental
  • Bailout gas supply
  • Spare and service
  • Guided Rebreather dives

Training on the JJ CCR, Hammerhead CCR, Megalodon CCR, SF2 CCR and more..