Rebreather Info & Specs

AP Inspiration and Evolution Rebreathers Overview

The original Buddy Inspiration Rebreather was the first commercially available Closed Circuit Rebreather sold to the sport diving community over the years it has seen several changes with the introduction of the Vision electronic package and the introduction of the smaller Evolution CCR along with many other component upgrades. In 2006 AP combined the best of both worlds the new Evo+, this unit is a mix of both Inspiration and evolution it takes the larger scrubber from the Inspiration into the smaller evolution along with the smaller 2ltr tanks. Price for the new Evo+ is the same as a standard Evolution making it a great choice for both rec and Tech diving.

I offer training on the AP Inspiration & Evolution CCR. Units are available to hire for students wishing to take their training before buying their own unit.

Tear Down Gallery:

Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreather

Weighing just 24kg with 2 x 2 liter onboard cylinders the Evolution is a 1/3 smaller than the Inspiration - it is compact, light and streamlined The Evolution has been built on the foundations of the Inspiration taking the best of its features - including the unique dual independent oxygen control system (patented) and the over-the-shoulder counter-lung design It offers divers a tool for all level dives without the extra weight, ensuring enough allowance for your other dive gear without busting the luggage allowances of most airlines. Like its bigger brother it comes complete with Vision electronics incorporating the CO2 temperature stick, onboard decompression software options and integrated HUD.

Benefits of the evolution:

  • Light weight and easy to travel with.
  • Suitable for both recreational and Technical diving.
  • Over the shoulder counter lungs (M-L-XL).
  • Electronics with built in dive computer, Nitrox/Trimix deco software.
  • CO2 Scrubber temprature monitor.
  • Heads Up display (HUD).
  • Standard axial scrubber 2hrs or 3hr scrubber in evolution plus.
  • Integrated bailout.
  • Integrated weight system.
  • Internet upgradable.
  • Ease of maintenance and repair all of the world.
  • Available in yellow or black.

This unit is a new comer to the market but looks set to grow in popularity. It as seen a steady increase in units sold over the last couple of years If you are considering a move onto this Rebreathers it might not be a bad idea to train on a hire unit giving you the chance to try some of the available extras and see what you would have on your own unit should you decide to purchase one.