Cave Diving, Cave Exploration and Cave training with Mathew Partridge

My passion for spending time underground started at an early age, first being introduced to the wonders of caves when I was taken to an Opera show in a cave that had been turned into an ampere theater in the amazing larva tubes of Tenerife's active volcano, wowed by the turquoise pools and space like feeling. I started dry caving in the UK as Wookey Hole and Swindens well know caving sites were regular trips organized by the local scouts and schools. My love for diving and this introduction to caves lead me into a 20 plus year fascination with diving underground.

Cave Diving has many disciplines and for me my love is cave photography, I can spend hours setting up lighting and looking for that shot that has that wow factor, with modern DSLR and powerful lights you can return with a perspective of the cave you can not see with your eyes and a dive light and for me it's an epic inner space that only a few privilege individuals get to see, this draws me back for more and more and more!

I continue to dive and explore caves around the world and have conducted over 2,500 caves dives in Florida, Mexico, Thailand and Europe.

My passion for cave diving has filtered down into all my other forms of diving, using rebreathers/CCR's, underwater scooters/DPV'S to push further and deeper in to caves around the world, I continue to evolve my skills set, my personal diver education and love spending time with other fellow cave divers discussion their adventures.

I split my time now between living in Mexico and Asia spending 6 months in each with some additional travel and dives during my vacation time. You can check out my Mexico webpages @ for more information on the mecca of cave diving and see why it's a playground for cave divers.

I offer Cave training from beginner to full cave diver with TDI (Technical Diving International)

I offer a range of cave specialty classes for suitable trained cave divers looking at using sidemount, configuration, technical DPV'S and stage technical decompression along with offering all level cave training on Rebreathers /CCR.

For Professionals looking to intern as cave instructors I work as a TDI HQ Full cave evaluator for both open circuit cave instructor levels and TDI Cave Rebreather /CCR Instructor levels .

For information on training or joining me for a spot of underground fun please feel free to send me an email I will be happy to help were I can.

Safe Cave Diving to all!