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Technical Diving Expeditions with Mathew Partridge

People have many different reasons why they enjoy diving some like to take photograph’s, some enjoy just bimbling along the reef followed by a long off gassing session on the boat or in the Pub. For me it’s the adventures, travel and discovery. Like most I started diving bimbling along the reefs in warm tropical waters and lots of days spent diving in inland quarries around the UK. I quickly became bored of that after several hundred dives. So there has to be something more interesting other than this, so in search I went.

I have been involved in several expeditions around the world and have also sponsored a few for other people. I aim to organize or get involved in a project once or twice a year, as this is generally all I can afford.

An expedition in my mind is generally a dive that takes place in a remote location with poor logistics creating the need for insane equipment needs, a well rounded dive team including medical personnel and support divers all sharing the same goals.

Up and coming projects I am working on at the moment are:

  • Diving the Caves systems of Thailand/Asia
  • Trips HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales
  • Trips to HMS Hermes – Sri-lanka
  • Cave Systems of Mexico
  • Wreck / Cave diving Expedition to Japan
  • Deeper wrecks of Truk Lagoon

Contact me if you are interested in joining in on any of these projects at