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Hammerhead CCR Rebreather Training with Mathew Partridge

As one of only five factory approved Instructor Trainers in the world on the Hammerhead CCR I am able to conduct training at all levels including Trimix and Cave CCR up-to Instructor Levels.


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Working directly with Sub-Gravity I am involved in testing and diving their latest products. At current three levels of the Hammerhead CCR exist, the HOBO (HH travel rebreather, the Standard Hammerhead unit and the Hammerhead extreme for exploration level diving. The end user also has full custom options for section or upgrade meaning you can purchase the Extreme unit and a HOBO travel kit and you have two units in one without compromising the electronics or key feature of your unit.

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Hammerhead Specifications:

  • Unit Weight *33.6 - 37.5 lbs (15.2 - 17 kg)
    Note: ³ready to travel² weight, excluding sorb, cylinders, wing, backplate, harness and additional accessories

  • Scrubber Capacity
    4.4, 5.5, 8 lbs (2 - 3.6 kg)
    Recommended Depth Limit 330 feet (100 m) Warning: Dives exceeding a depth of 100 m are associated with numerous additional risks.
    Integrated Deco -Yes (trimix upgrade available)

  • Counterlungs
    OTS, TOS, BM

  • Oxygen Sensors
    Juergensen Marine HH22 (molex connector)

  • Cylinder Size
    2L or 3L (other sizes upon request)

  • HUD
    DIVA Vibrating HUD

  • BOV

  • Wing ** 33 lb (15 kg) lift / 45 lb (20 kg) lift / 45 lb (20 kg) lift donut

  • BP **
    Aluminum or Steel

  • Harness **
    Continuous Webbing / Adjustable Continuous Webbing

  • Dimensions*
    Diameter Can only: 7² (17.8 cm) Can and cylinder brackets: 9² (22.8 cm)
    Height Full Size: 21² (53.3 cm) HOBO Can 17.25² (43.8 cm)

Oxygen control

  1. Juergensen Marine controlled solenoid with multiple user selected control modes.

  2. mCCR mode with leaky valve and Juergensen Marine PO2 monitoring system.

  3. HCCR mode with JM controlled solenoid and leaky valve
    Oxygen set-point range 5 user-definable set-points

For more information please contact mathew partridge at info(at)