Technical Instructor Training

Technical Instructor Training with Mathew Partridge

Having taught over 300 Technical Instructors at over 500 technical levels I am happy to offer training from Basic Nitrox Instructor through to cave CCR Instructor.

I offer Technical Instructor training at all levels including Trimix , Rebreather Wreck and Cave via TDI (Technical Diving International) and PADI Tec Rec Trough to Tec Trimix and Specialities.

Technical Instructor training should not be just about reading sets of standards and demonstrating a few skills but more about following a mentor relationship and being shown how to teach a structured program that has taken years to develop. It is important to understand the whys and not just the how's when teaching advanced diving techniques. Agency course materials include the need to know information but it's the nice to know information that comes from your Instructor training class.

All Instructor Training should be as hands on as possible and include Workshops pre-course study assignments, Practical skill building sessions with video debriefings as well as teaching theory development presentations and Technical Rescue techniques. The Technical Diving instructor is that of a role model Instructor, learning to become a good technical diver is one thing, learning how to inspire others during training is something else.

All students need goals and a structured learning experience to achieve them it is with this in mind that I believe I offer some of the best technical Instructor programs available starting with course preparations well in advance along with providing on-going feedback through your program.

Once you certification is awarded it doesn't just stop their I aim to continue to provide support to all my past candidates via email, Skype and good old telephone.

If your interested in becoming a Tech Instructor at any of the below levels please feel free to contact me for Full details I'm always happy to help.

TDI Instructor levels available with Matt around the world:

PADI Tec-Rec Instructor Levels Available:

  • Tec Rec deep Instructor
  • Tec 40, 45 & 50
  • Tec Trimix Instructor
  • Gas Blender Instructor