Rebreather Info & Specs

ISC Megalodon Rebreather

I have been actively diving and teaching the Meg CCR since 2003 and have trained over 150 divers at all levels on this superb CCR.

I offer training on the Inner Space Systems Megalodon CCR APECS & COPIS. I am also a dealer for all ISC products Units are available to hire for students wishing to take their training before buying their own unit.

Tear Down Gallery:

About the Meg - The basic core system of the Megalodon is comprised of the outer housing, scrubber assembly, head assembly including oxygen sensors, control electronics, handsets and HUD (Head Up Display) ADV, flow stop and Tiger Gear bottle mounts that allow any supply bottle to be mounted to the canister. Other bottle mount systems such as the metalsub brackets can also be used but are not as robust as the Tiger Gear mounts.

This unit is one of the finest rebreathers on the market today. It as seen a steady increase in units sold since the company formed in 1999 and is now used by top Technical Divers as its high build quality and diversity in application allows divers to customize their unit, which is essential when pushing the envelope in technical diving today. The unit is very travel friendly easy to strip and pack and is made with in the field repair in mind.

The manufacture is very accommodating of the divers needs as the Meg comes with many upgrades and modifications you can view some of these on their website these include Several canister designs, radial and axial scrubbers, additional shearwater and x1 hardwired trimix dive computers and Bailout valve.

If you are considering a move onto this Rebreathers it might not be a bad idea to train on a hire unit giving you the chance to try some of the available extras and see what you would have on your own unit should you decide to purchase one. I have most of the upgrades available including radial scrubbers, BOV'S, FFM for you to inspect up-close during training.

Benefits of the megalodon:

  • Compact, Light weight and easy to travel with.
  • Primarily used for Technical diving.
  • Over the shoulder or back mount (Mata wing) counter lungs.
  • Customized to your own specification.
  • Full flood recovery is possible.
  • Different scrubber design for longer duration dives.
  • Great manufacture support In the field repairable.
  • Any size or style of tanks can be used.
  • Totally redundant controllers.
  • HUD heads up display for PPO2.
  • Solenoid isolation in the event of free flow.
  • Plus much more dependant on unit specification.