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JJ-CCR Rebreather

I offer training on the JJ-CCR. Units are available to hire for students wishing to take their training before buying their own unit.

Tear Down Gallery:

About the JJ-CCR The JJ-CCR Rebreather has been designed and tested since 2006 with 1000 of operating hours under water in different locations around the world. Following a K.I.S.S philosophy. The unit is very solid in construction yet very user friendly and affordable considering the entire unit options retailing just under 7,000 euro's.

The unit comprises of the following:

Aluminum Canister design.
Shearwater Predator Constant PPO2 controller.
Flexible tank options Back-up active PPO2 HUD Built in bailout Valve mouth piece (BOV) Unique back mounted counter lung design.
O2 and Diluent manual addition valves with off-board pluggable gas option.
Axial and Radial scrubber options.
Automatic Diluent addition valve.
Live Decompression trimix enable dive computer 

"Redundancy is very important, separate batteries for handset, HUD and solenoid, none of them inside the loop! If the handset goes down you must be able to fly it manually on the secondary (HUD) and that should be as unaffected as possible by the failing of the primary.
The electronics must be easy to understand, give some warnings but not give the "auto pilot" effect of some of the other units. The user MUST be made to feel he/she is the only one in control!
The rebreather itself must be strong, versatile, reliable and easy to use, maintain and service. There should be easily obtained parts that can be replaced in the field if needed (E.g. standard scuba hoses). There should be a choice of configuration and it support a wide range of cylinders (3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 liter) without the need of special parts to attach them.
It needs to be priced fairly, not stupid money but not cheap as chips either.But most of all it should have sound scientific test data to back up the performance claims. A few guys diving it and saying "well I am still alive so it must be ok" is not good enough! We have tried REALLY hard to do all of that!!"
(Dave Thompson - 2009)

This unit has been accepted as a superb Rebreather since it hit the market and continues to grow in popularity. It as seen a steady increase in units sold over the last couple of years
If you are considering a move onto this Rebreather it might not be a bad idea to train on a hire unit giving you the chance to try some of the available extras and see what you would have on your own unit should you decide to purchase one.

I have personally been diving the JJ-CCR since 2010 and have a range of experience in deep environments and caves around the world, I have pretty much been diving the rebreather in stock configuration with the tanks de-inverted and it dives very well in stock configuration. My style of diving follows a team diving concept and this rig matches my specific requirements. If your interested in finding more out about team/DIR diving with Rebreather check out my ART of Rebreather workshops here.