Technical Recommended Links

Below are some great technical diving links that you may find as good research tools, information on technical diving agency and tech equipment suppliers.

Training - Technical Diving International - Global Underwater Explorers - International Association of Nitrox Technical Divers - British Sub Aqua Club - Professional Association Of Diving Instructors - Divers Alert Network - National Association For Cave Diving

Equipment - Halcyon Asia Dealers - JJ Rebreather - Sentenel Rebreather - Mixed Gas CCR dive computers - X1 Mixed Gas CCR dive computers - Shearwater Pursuit Mixed Gas CCR dive computers - Megalodon Rebreather - Signature dry suits - VR3 -VRX Dive Computers - Sentinel/CCR -Ouroboros/CCR - Technical equipment Dive planning software Rebreather accessories - Inspiration & Evolution Rebreathers - Technical equipment - Technical equipment Regulators - Underwater scooters - Custom wetsuits & neoprene

Books available from

Deeper into Diving  - by: John Lippmann
Shadow Divers  - by: Robert Kurson
The Last Dive  - by: Bernie Chowdhury
Ocean Gladiator  - by: Mark Ellyatt
Technical Diving In-depth  - by: B. R. Wienke
Technical Diving from the bottom up  - by: Kevin Gurr
Into the Darkness  - by: Martyn Farr
The darkness Beckons  - by: Martyn Farr

Shows & Events - World showcase - English Dive show - US Dive show - Technical diving show in OZ - Florida

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