Rebreather Info & Specs

SF2 ECCR – Back-mount & Side-Mount Rebreather.

I was first attracted to the SF Rebreather when it was designed as a PSCR due to the quality German engineering compared to other PSCR on the market along with its lightweight carbon fiber body. The manufacture has improved the unit over the recent years to produce both a back-mount CCR and Side-mount CCR both now Electronically controlled with manual overrides for the cave and technical diver. The unit has undergone CE testing and meets the standards for safe rebreather design allowing this rebreather to be used in country's requiring CE by law

The rebreather has a no tools keep it simple approach that does what is says on the tin! It incorporates a cleverly thought through scrubber design allowing the diver the option to partially pack or fully pack the scrubber depending on dive duration. It has an internally protected counter lung ideal for overhead dives as it protected by the rebreather body this also allows for a very streamlined configuration similar to that of diving with doubles in a DIR fashion. The unit can be purchased in ether a back mounted version a side-mount version either fully complete ready to dive or in a stripped version for divers who already own regulator first stages, wing, back plate and harness. Whichever unit you decide to start out with its easy to purchase an upgrade kit to switch between back or side systems. The unit comes with a hardwired Shearwater Petrel2 Controller and the option to have ether a second petrel and HUD or a Shearwater nerd as a backup, give the end user full manual control in the even of system failure.

Tear Down Gallery:

The full SF2 ECCR unit specification is as follows

  • Diameter:180 mm
  • Total height:600 mm
  • Lung volume:4.3 liters
  • Gas feed Diluent (ADV):Apeks TX20
  • O2 gas feed:Solenoid valve Jaksa
  • Manual addition with QC6 for both off-board Oxygen and Diluent addition
  • Power consumption solenoid valve:0.6 Watt
  • Power supply solenoid valve:2 x AA alkaline, about 50 hours of diving
  • Oxygen sensors:3 galvanic fuel cells
  • Power Supply Controller:2 x AA alkaline, about 50 hours of diving
  • Scrubber: Capacity variable by user holding from 1-2.2 kg
  • Travel weight: without tanks, wing and back-plate 17.5kg

Training is available via TDI and I am approved to conduct classes from the factory level one end user to level 4 Advanced Mixed gas 100m/330ft along with full cave training on the SF2 Rebreather. Link to TDI courses

Please feel free to contact me for training availability and pricing of a new unit if you're interested to purchase a rig.