A Keen Interest in Wreck Diving Expeditions

As a diver originating from England it was only natural that I would end up fascinated by the wrecks of the oceans as many of the great wrecks lie off the costs of the British Isles and all relatively accessible during the summer months. As I traveled further afield I engaged in many conversations with fellow divers about ship wreck discovery and explorations, opening my eyes to a world of shipwrecks just waiting for me to explore. I find it hard to comprehend that I may not get around to dive all the wrecks on my must do list but I do intend on giving it a damn good go.

Wreck diving requires a diver to master several techniques to execute these dives safely but its not only about the diving its also about the search and discoveries.

A well rounded wreck diver should be able to conduct accurate research in to a particular vessel, maritime archives, local fishermen other divers and local folk are all a good place to start any research project. Once you have some idea of where the vessel lies you have to gather up all the necessary equipment, assemble the team, generally charter a boat and then get ready for what lies ahead.

Shipwrecks can take years to discover, found wrecks can take just as long to identify, all of which requires cash to make it happen. Wreck explorations take place all over the world you just do not get to hear about them until they are found and identified, so where to start? I recommend joining a local dive club that shares the same passions as you. This is a good place to master your skills on local dive trips organized by the club. You could also attend wreck presentations offered around the world at leading dive shows from some of the worlds famous shipwreck detectives. Attending these shows could put you in touch with fellow divers already involved in projects that interest you, if you are lucky enough to have loads of cash sponsoring projects is always a good way to get in on the bigger action.

Unfortunately for me that's not an option. Wreck diving is generally considered a team effort so possessing skills that benefit a project will always open up opportunities. Cameramen, dive medics, skilled deep divers, technicians, gas blenders, support divers and skippers are just some roles required for shipwreck discovery & exploration. If all this sounds a little bit intense for you then just get yourself out diving on already discovered wrecks and enjoy the spectacular underwater museums that awaits as its all about enjoyment and new adventures.

Here are some useful websites if you are interested to find out more about shipwrecks

If you are interested to find out about some of the up and coming wreck trips and expeditions I am involved in or are considering some wreck diver training please feel free to contact me at info@tech-ccr.com