"ART" Of CCR Workshops (Association Of Rebreather Training)

ART workshops focus on reaching a common goal, to produce safer Rebreather divers all over the world. Many well-run training agencies exist and offer certification courses on a wide range of commercially available Rebreathers. They will continue to supply agency specific outlines and training materials to support this growing market.

Our Aim is to standardise Rebreather diving practises for advanced diving activities, develop team diving practices, and grow a resourceful community of Rebreather divers to Explore, document and safeguard the aquatic realm.

ART - Rebreather Essentials – Team diving with a rebreather

ART - Rebreather Trimix /Decompression Diving

ART - Rebreather Overhead – Wreck and Cave

ART - Rebreather Rescue

The above programs are run as workshops from 3-5 days in a number of different locations around the world. All workshops require divers to have a recognized Training agency certificate that is approved by the manufacture prior to attending a workshop. This insures a standardized format and divers learn the ins and outs of the rebreather they dive. Our programs aim to develop those basic skills by means of introducing Team diving practices, communications, equipment standardization and standard methods of planning appropriate to each level of diving and environment.

More information on each level can be found by clicking the links above for a more detailed course synopsis or for additional information please email me at info@tech-ccr.com I will be happy to help.