About IART(International Association Of Rebreather Trainers). IART formed in the late 1990's in Germany as a dedicated diver-training agency offering Technical Rebreather training on a number of Leading Rebreather at that time. Several respected trainers were associated with IART including David Thomson the man behind the recognized Inspiration rebreather. IART offer training from beginner to advanced mixed gas on most commercially available rebreathers including AP Inspiration /Evolution, ISC Megalodon and exclusively provide training at his time for those wishing to take a certification on the JJ-CCR.

A unique feature to all IART curriculums is the need to complete a rescue module, not included in some other training agency standards. Now with excellent support materials at both student and instructor levels we offer training under IART worldwide in Locations including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Red sea, Europe, Mexico and the USA.

Rebreather Courses

I offer all level IART training on the JJ-CCR, Megalodon, AP Inspiration /Evolution. For details on specific standards and class entry requirements please feel free to email me at info@tech-ccr.com to find out more details.

  • IART –Level 1 User
  • IART – level 2 Extended Range/Trimix
  • IART –Level 3 Advanced Trimix

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