TDI Air Diluent Decompression CCR Diver
This is the second level certification course for divers wishing to utilize a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) for air diving. The objective of the course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for diving a CCR and to develop basic CCR diving skills to a maximum depth of 45 metres / 150 feet using an air diluent for formal decompression diving. I currently offer Factory approved training on the ISC Megalodon CCR, AP Inspiration and Evolution CCR's as well as VR-Tech Sentinel and Ouroboros rebreathers.

This course is run of 5-6 days and builds upon foundational skills learn an mastered on the entry level class. Divers will learn how to conduct technical decompression dives using the Rebreather managing additional bailout and decompression bottles.


  • If a student has the entry level 1 certification and wishes to do the decompression part of this course, only 240 minutes in open water is required.
  • The student must have a minimum of 30 logged hours over 30 dives before enrolment on the deco course
  • 6 months CCR diving experience

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Rebreather Courses

I currently offer Factory approved training on the ISC Megalodon Rebreather, AP Inspiration and Evolution Rebreather, VR-Technology Sentinel and Ouroboros Rebreathers and the JJ-CCR rebreather

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Tech-ccr also offers Instructor Training at all levels