I regularly get asked which agency is the best, my response is always the same, all have good and bad points the important consideration is who will be your instructor. Over the years I have taught courses for many different agencies and believe that TDI has become the market leader around the world for technical diver training at all levels. I expect a good agency to provide me with good course materials and back up service and TDI do just that all over the world. The rest is then up to the job of the instructor to provide an informative well structured course.

In choosing a course outlined by TDI - Technical Diving International you will be recognized across the world as a competent Technical diver who has the necessary skills to plan and execute advanced level dives. If you have any questions related to TDI courses please do not hesitate to contact me.

See below for course options

Open Circuit Courses

Rebreather Courses

I currently offer Factory approved training on the ISC Megalodon Rebreather, AP Inspiration and Evolution Rebreather, VR-Technology Sentinel and Ouroboros Rebreathers and the JJ-CCR rebreather

Overhead Training

Tech-ccr also offers Instructor Training at all levels