I began teaching the PADI/DSAT Technical range of courses since 2001 and have conducted many classes following the PADI technical curriculum. I was one of four individuals to be invited by PADI to become a TEC-REC Instructor Trainer without becoming a recreational course director held at PADI HQ.

The latest offering from the PADI Tec Rec range meets the demands of the serious technical diver. Millions of divers worldwide choose to learn to dive with PADI, as by far they are the leading recreational training provider in the world but does it mean PADI is good place to learn technical diving, the simple answer is yes.

With any training it is the trainer who delivers the class that should be extensively researched based on their real life technical diving and training experiences. All diving agencies have the job of providing a course structure and portfolio of training materials for trainers to follow, and PADI do this exceptional well. The Tec Rec range is a little more ridged in flow than other agency, the programs are very demanding and rewarding for those looking for a challenge, the class sessions all follow a team diving philosophy-building experience progressively.

Student need to understand that at technical Levels training is purchased and certification is earned as and when students master the necessary skills sets required to dive safely at each level.

If you have any questions related to TEC-REC course please feel free to contact me at info@tech-ccr.com

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