PADI Tec-Rec Discover Technical Diving
This programme has been designed to introduce recreational divers into the world of technical diving. Over the last decade technical diving has grown in popularity, with state of the art equipment, operations catering for the travelling technical diver and the development of safe diving procedures. With the above in mind PADI designed this experience program to bridge a gap for those interested in finding out if technical diving is something they would like to try. Many are surprised to find out how much fun the experience can be even if your not into deep diving or dark caves and wrecks simply getting longer bottom times having spent large sums of money on dive travel to spend as little as 30mins in the water. Many divers are now utilising technical equipment like double tanks filled with nitrox and closed circuit implementing technical procedures to extend their enjoyment in the sub aquatic realm without the need for formal decompression.

This program does not result in certification and is a 2½ day class designed at orientating individuals to the tech gear setup and considerations for diving at this level.

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