PADI Tec-Rec 40 open circuit diver
This course is the first in a serious of curriculums that aims at providing the foundational skills set a technical diver requires to diver deeper and longer to a maximum depth of 40 meters with minimal decompression. The class introduces students to the standardized technical rig, foundational skill sets including use of the double tanks with isolation manifold, stage decompression tank and long hose configuration. The divers will learn team-oriented practises both for dive planning and execution. Emphasis is on providing a number of tools that the technical diver will need to execute technically oriented divers with safety in mind.

The course consist of a number of theory development sessions that are made up of self study, classroom sessions and evaluation along with a progressive dive schedule.

Evaluation of each individuals ability to show master at all components is required for final certification please understand technical diver training in purchased and final certification is earned as a result of showing proficiency in all areas both academically and in-water.

This program is one of the most challenging and rewarding of the tec-Rec range. Building solid foundations is key to progression in the technical diving arena.

This class is conducted over 3 full days.

The Tec 40 class can be combined with both the Tec 45 & 50level in a 9-10 day combination class

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