PADI Tec-Rec 45 open circuit diver
The Tec-Rec 45 is the second course following on from the Tec 40 class. Further developing the diver with the end goal of making fully accelerated decompression dives using Nitrox and or oxygen to a maximum depth of 45m. Foundational skills are now taken a stage further with additional key skills and planning methods.

The class consist of several practical workshops, including an in-depth software workshop and planning session along with scenario based in-water training all continuing on with the team diving philosophy in mind.

Evaluation of each individual's ability to demonstrate a level of proficiency at the tec 40 level is required prior to enrolment on the tec 45 class. Student are also required to show master at all components is required for final certification. Please understand technical diver training in purchased and final certification is earned as a result of showing proficiency in all areas both academically and in-water.

This class is conducted over 3 full days and again consists of practical applications, team planning and four open water evaluation dives. The Tec 45 class can be combined with both the Tec 40 & 50 level in a 9-10 day combination class

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