PADI Tec-Rec 50 open circuit diver
The Third level in the PADI Tec-Rec range allowing divers to conducted accelerated decompression dives using AIR as a bottom gas.

Additional equipment including the use of an additional stage/deco bottle is taught. Rescue skills and advanced dive planning are essential components of this class and students are require to demonstrate a good level of mastery both academically and in-water at the Tec 40 and 45 levels prior to making deep air dives.

This class is conducted over 3 full days and again consists of practical applications, team planning and four open water evaluation dives.

The final dive of the class ca be conducted using Trimix as a breathing gas if the students choose.

The Tec 50 class can be combined with both the Tec 40 & 45 level in a 9-10 day combination class

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