Technical Diver Testimonials

what the students have to say

I feel it is always important to get recommendations about the diving Instructor you will put your faith into to help you achieve your goals, ultimately you will never know if it will be the best method of training for you until you have tried it but it does help if you can obtain a little feedback from past students and customers so here is a few I seem to have made happy.

Clint Kapp- New York,USA

I just finished my TDI Mod1 rebreather course and Hammerhead factory certificationwith Mathew Partridge of Pro Tech Dive College in Chalong, Phuket, Thailand. I've previously certified as a PADI Divemaster, TDI Technical Operations and ServiceTechnician and PADI Tec 40 and 45 diver...

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Protech Matt Max

November 2014

Matt, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you, Protech Dive College ( and Max, Dan and Chris for the excellent experience and training during my month stay in Thailand (Nov. 2014).

Courses:  JJ CCR Extended Range Trimix
                JJ CCR Full Cave

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Howard JJ

I recently completed the JJ-CCR level 2 course, with Mathew Partridge of Pro-Tech Dive College, Phuket. My initial feelings when I saw the shop were positive. From the road you can see a large billboard, advertising the onsite recompression chamber, a sight that will always put the travelling technical diver at ease. In side the show room was a wall full of Halcyon products, a Megalodon, a Sentinel and a couple of serious dpvs...

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Chris Gruen - Germany

I began Tec diving back in the UK in 2009 and gradually developed myself through GUE fundis up to IANTD Normoxic Trimix and felt ready for the step into the re-breather world. It took me over a year to research what unit I wanted to go for....

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In February 2013 I had the pleasure of doing the JJ-CCR Trimix Course and CCR Full cave course with Mathew Partridge at his base ProTech Diving in Phuket Thailand. Discussions regarding the courses commenced mid June 2012, when I had the pleasure of doing a JJ-CCR cross-over course in Gili-T , Indonesia with Mat...

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Jason JJ-CCR – Melbourne.

"Upon now returning to Australia and having a few days to reflect on my course with Mathew Partridge, I feel that this was possibly one of the most challenging courses I have ever undertaken. Matt throws multiple random failures at you in quick succession in shallow water with multiple bailout bottles on. You never know what the failure will be or how you will react to it under pressure. The IART part is easy, Matts part a little more challenging. I now feel suitably armed with an arsenal of problem solving skills and dive planning skills to safely dive my unit to normoxic depths. Thanks Matt, the handshake you gave me at our 6m deco stop filled me with a defined sense of achievement and I will definitely be continuing my training under your watchful eyes."

Thanks Jason it was a pleasure to have you over and I look forward to you coming back in September for Advanced Mixed Gas and Cave CCR.

Tony Liu - Hong Kong

I have done 2 courses (TDI Technical Rescue & TDI Tech DPV) with Pro-tech and am really impressed with the facilities and quality of the instructors. There are not many dive shop in the world which has their own recompression Chamber and Pro-tech is the only one in Asia. I am also very impressed by Mathew and his team, the different background of their instructors, such as ex-paramedic, ex-commercial diver etc means you can learn from so many specialists who really know what they are talking about. If you are doing Tec-rescue course with them you surely wont be disappointed, they have put together a remarkable team. I will definitely recommended to train with them if you want good quality training, they are not the cheapest but its worth the price.

Max Duopnt – Denmark/france

After a week of completing my OC Adv TMX diver level course, here is my testimonial regarding my course with Mathew Partridge at ProTech.

Contextually, (as a PADI IDCS and active instructor the last 5 years) my adventure with MP started last year (2012) when I decided to get into TecDiving trought DSAT and TDI programs on both divers and instructors levels. Living in Denmark is hard for most of us to "keep diving" actively. That's a reason why I try, at least, to enroll a training program every year. 2013 was a big jump on an OC Adv TMX.

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Ettiene Cave Diving

Cave Diving - Another achievement well met

I have been diving actively since 1995, worked as an instructor, owned my own diving school, worked as a commercial diver and trained up to full Tech Trimix. Cave diving had been on my mind for several years and circumstances never allowed me to fulfill this goal...

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Hallvard Opheim - Norway Northsea Explorers

Coming from years of deep technical diving in cold waters on shipwrecks in the Norwegian fjords, the logistics and risk assessment of our deepest dives on open circuit pushed us towards considering CCR for the dives we want to do. As divers who deeply believe, and are trained, in the GUE approach to team diving, standardized procedures and regards for safety ...

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Henrik Dimke, PhD Aarhus, Denmark

I recently attended the TDI cavern, intro to cave and full cave courses with Mathew Partridge as my instructor. I was pleased with the very well arranged logistics that secured us great diving at the caves in Krabi and Khao Sok national park. I found Mat a competent instructor, with good solutions to the many problems one may face in the cave environment, while still applying a standardized DIR approach. Mat has a strict, but also an extremely efficient teaching style, which left few questions unanswered by the end of the program. Thanks to Mat, I greatly enjoyed the course and feel better prepared to enter the world of cave diving now.

Sandy Smith & Hiro Yoshida -Dive base leaders Maldives

There was no doubt I would train with Pro Tech for some of my first technical dive training – the finer details were all in place from the very start. A clear, comprehensive and logical website, lightning-quick responses to my emails and extensive help with preparation for both the diving and lodging part of our trip. In fact, I was already recommending Pro Tech to other divers before I even stepped foot in the place. I was that sure that Mat, Davine, and the rest of team knew this trade inside and out...

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Claire Greathead- England/Egypt

Having just qualified as Mod 1 Megelodon Rebreather divers, we only have good words to say about Matt and his team!

The customer service, the course, facilities, equipment and the training was world class and far out-shone any other training centre we had seen in the past. Davine was excellent right from the first email; very fast response...

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Alex Boulton - Educational Consultant PADI Asia Pacific Sydney , Australia

"When the student is ready the Master will appear" - I reckon I put a lot of faith in this belief and it was with this thought running through my mind that I boarded a plane bound for Phuket, Thailand. As a Dive Instructor with 10 years of teaching under my belt you often wonder what else there is out there that can challenge and test you as a diver...

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Meril Darees - France

Dear Matt

I just wanted to say a few words of appreciation for the training I received while training with you this year.

As you know I began my tech training with you at protech. I really enjoyed the TDI deco procedures and advanced nitrox training; it was all brand new to me then. I only really understood how good the training was when I took the extended range course a few months later in Cyprus as the course appeared to be pretty straight forward as you had covered pretty much all the material and skill set in our initial classes.

So I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and the team for the training, for your help in Phuket and your effort. Hope to come again and dive with you soon.

Doug - Netherlands

A first-rate operation - Matt has excellent facilities and great instruction. 
It's fair to say that Matt and the team deconstructed and rebuilt me as a diver – they both combine high standards with the patience to practice any skill or exercise until it's right.  If cheap & easy is what you're looking for, go somewhere else, but if you want the confidence to handle any situation within your training and beyond, you've come to the right place.

Rodney E. Gibbs – Australia

After months of electronic communication detailing every conceivable question you could possibly imagine about diving and diving services that could be provided, the decision was made. Pro-tech Dive College would be the facility where I would train to dive the Megalodon ECCR...

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Keng Chung- Malaysia

Hi Matt, I've made it back to KL with serious O2 withdrawal symptoms, so when I have time, it's surfing for the next dive holiday! Thank you very much for the Megalodon Deco course. I am happy to have gained new knowledge and experiences and of course attending an excellent course! I also praise the facilities of your dive shop, especially the generous space you have planned for washing up and storing our valuable equipment.

Thanks again

Safe Diving

Jon Bryan Tasmania - Australia

"Mat has a wide range of deep and challenging CCR diving experiences and is a fine dive instructor. He is someone who has really done the dives and has a mass of real world experience that he is able to pass on to his students. I appreciated the way we were encouraged to ask questions and push beyond the basics to get a greater understanding of CCR diving and develop a thoughtful and flexible approach to using this technology".

Ben Jackson - Thailand

Being my first rebreather course and even after doing lots of reading I still was not really sure what to expect. I have only been diving OC for a few years before so still very new to the whole diving game. I was not disappointed, the diving was a completely different experience and thoroughly enjoyable. The course was a completely different experience as well, it was intense and I learnt a lot, but that's what I paid for so 5 stars for that...

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Andrew Ma - Hong Kong

I attended three courses with Mathew within two weeks; The Drager Dophin SCR course; the AP Inspiration CCR air diluent course and the TDI O/C trimix course. Despite being a diver since 1990, I did have a hard time but enjoyed it because these courses were a new thing to me. I earned the SCR and the CCR license and the trimix course. I am planning to come back to finish the trimix course and take some new courses this winter. These courses were all well organized, the equipment and the facility are in excellent condition and the training is to an exceptional standard. Diving with rebreathers is fun and completely silent. The fishes come close within a few cm in front of your mask. May be one shall have more chance to encounter big and shy creature - the whale shark or the devil ray when flying with these rebreather.

Tony K - England

Dear all, Just a short line to say how impressed I was with the level of instruction I received at your place. Mat, you are no picnic. When you said that you only qualify people who deserve qualifying you weren't kidding. I had to work extremely hard to maintain the level of commitment that you required from me. However, I feel now that I can dive safely on the unit and just need now to build up the hours. Thank you so much for an exhilarating course, it was amazing. I felt completely safe in your hands. Keep up the standards!!!

Tim Baskcomb - England

Matt has a very professionally presented and run office/shop/classroom facility to the rental equipment which was the best I have ever used. Immaculately maintained and presented, to the logistics of morning and evening movements between accommodation, but, the one thing that really stood out for me was the quality of the instruction. The standard of the instruction and subsequent required standard of students is where all Instructors and dive centres should be. In my two weeks I undertook Advanced Nitrox, Deco procedures and the Extended Range courses, not only am I now a more confident and able diver, I am much safer and far more aware than before. When I'm ready to take my Tech diving to the next level, I will be back.