Technical Diver Testimonials

what the students have to say

I feel it is always important to get recommendations about the diving Instructor you will put your faith into to help you achieve your goals, ultimately you will never know if it will be the best method of training for you until you have tried it but it does help if you can obtain a little feedback from past students and customers so here is a few I seem to have made happy.

Alex Boulton - Educational Consultant PADI Asia Pacific Sydney , Australia

"When the student is ready the Master will appear" - I reckon I put a lot of faith in this belief and it was with this thought running through my mind that I boarded a plane bound for Phuket, Thailand. As a Dive Instructor with 10 years of teaching under my belt you often wonder what else there is out there that can challenge and test you as a diver. That's one of my reasons for heading to Pro Tech Dive College to train with Mat Partridge. The other was the incredibly informative and helpful emails sent by Mat's wife, Davine who provided endless explanations of courses, times, dates, transport and accommodation for this would be Tec diver.

On Tec programs every student does their homework on the Instructor. If you want to go deep and come back safely you need to know that your teacher will deliver sound training and always demand the highest standards. So it was with interest that I sat back in my first class at Pro Tech: eyes and ears open, mouth shut ready to absorb the wisdom of the Master. Well as far as my approach I couldn't have been more wrong. After the introductions had passed, which were stunning enough with Mat's substantial experience and numerous technical qualifications, that's when the questions started - and I don't mean me asking the Instructor it was Mat quizzing me: What do you know about Oxygen? What's the PPO2 of this mix at that depth? Tell me about perfusion and diffusion?!!

Wow. Well I must have done ok because I was back the next day for more of the same. It was so refreshing. Instead of regurgitated knowledge Pro Tech's whole teaching philosophy rests upon the student's good understanding, smooth application and total proficiency. And if you can't or won't then it's just "unlucky" because you ain't gonna pass!

I think that for many Dive Instructors once they've mastered their subject matter then the topic is no longer challenging for them to teach and this can make their teaching dry or dull but Mat takes the facts and their significance and creates a living breathing diving reality. At Pro Tech the knowledge you earn is coherent and apply-able and that's by no means limited to the classroom.

Next we were off for a confined water orientation to equipment, equipment assembly and stage deco rigging. All at Kata Big Rock's sun-drenched hillside pool. In between dives we ate gorgeous Thai food while Mat ran us through the briefing for the next sequence of our training.

And the pressure just kept building. Soon we were heading off on huge Liveaboards from Chalong pier to start our ocean training. Beautiful blue warm water that's ideal for skill acquisition and polishing. S-Drills, SMB deployment, extended bottom times, NOTOX gas switches and accelerated deco. And between all of this back to the pristine and executive Pro Tech dive facility for desktop deco planning and gas selection. Oh, and exams.

Not surprisingly Mat's teaching style guarantees retention and the exams were the least of my worries. I am very glad of this as I wouldn't like to have explained myself if I'd failed. However if I wasn't up to scratch I wouldn't be the first but that's what you pay for - quality and professionalism. Oh and if I didn't say it before, it was also fun. Enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from effort and focus. And when it was all over I was immediately nostalgic like a kid at the end of summer - wanting to do it all again. And in a way I did.

Because of the energy and enthusiasm of Mat and Davine I continued to dive with Pro Tech and finally decided to do the DSAT Instructors Course with them because, like I said, when the student is ready the Master will appear!