Technical Diver Testimonials

what the students have to say

I feel it is always important to get recommendations about the diving Instructor you will put your faith into to help you achieve your goals, ultimately you will never know if it will be the best method of training for you until you have tried it but it does help if you can obtain a little feedback from past students and customers so here is a few I seem to have made happy.

Chris Gruen - Germany

I began Tec diving back in the UK in 2009 and gradually developed myself through GUE fundis up to IANTD Normoxic Trimix and felt ready for the step into the re-breather world. It took me over a year to research what unit I wanted to go for. And what instructor of course! There are many out there who profile themselves as being experienced but eventually after some research my choice was to ask Mat if he would like to make the effort to come over to the Philippines to run the course (as I`ve recently moved here, I wasn´t able to travel as my Visa is still being worked...).

The JJ MOD1 course run by Mat was truly a great experience. Mat has a huge level of practical experience backed up by profound theoretical knowledge that is being taught efficiently and integrated where required.

As expected dive 1 in open water was a horrible experience going from OC to CC. However with the learning techniques applied, Mat was able to home in on the issues I specifically had and address these. Eventually by the last dive I felt very comfortable to dive my JJ (and address emergencies...) to continue diving with buddies and build up the experience to move into my MOD2 hopefully still this year... Thanks Mat for having taken me through a challenging course and having lots of fun!! I hope to see you back here soon!