Technical Diver Testimonials

what the students have to say

I feel it is always important to get recommendations about the diving Instructor you will put your faith into to help you achieve your goals, ultimately you will never know if it will be the best method of training for you until you have tried it but it does help if you can obtain a little feedback from past students and customers so here is a few I seem to have made happy.

Hallvard Opheim - Norway Northsea Explorers

Coming from years of deep technical diving in cold waters on shipwrecks in the Norwegian fjords, the logistics and risk assessment of our deepest dives on open circuit pushed us towards considering CCR for the dives we want to do. As divers who deeply believe, and are trained, in the GUE approach to team diving, standardized procedures and regards for safety - it was important to find an instructor able to appreciate where we came from, being able to add that little extra to our course. After a long period of evaluation and discussion, we ended up choosing Protech Dive College and Mathew Partridge, and soon found ourselves on our way to Thailand.

This turned out to be a very good choice. We followed a standardized manufacturer course (JJ / IART) in order to learn diving the JJ-CCR unit, but also had the pleasure of added value through Mathews experience and thoughts on team diving and safety protocols in the world of CCR. A lot of the content was clearly influenced by the GUE philosophy, bringing much of the same thoughts on standard gases, standard decompression models and focus on safety and rescue techniques to the table. We ended up with a lot more hours in the water and more hours in the classroom than the standards demand, and it was obvious Mathew enjoyed teaching demanding students with clear thoughts on their diving.

The diving part of the course started out in the pool, with the anticipated challenges on buoyancy control which is one of the biggest "changes" from our normal diving. Of course we chose the hard way and brought our drysuits even though the climate clearly didn't require this. But seeing as we do all our dives in drysuits back home, it made sense to get that in from day 1, even with the added difficulty. Following the manufacturers guidelines we went through all our skills in the 2m deep pool, and started to feel more confident after the first couple of hours. Clearly our experience with stagebottles gave us an advantage when it came to the bailoutdrills, but I'm not going to lie and say that everything was easy :) After a day in the pool, we started with the ocean dives, repeating the same skills and drills, gradually increasing the depth and required level of proficiency.

In-depth discussions in the classroom was practiced in the water, flying the unit manually, mastering minimum loop volume and running simulated decompression stops to practice mid-water buoyancy control. After finishing the official course material, Mathew also took the time to add his own thoughts, skills and added value theory. Exactly what we were hoping to achieve.

Knowing that Mathew also chooses the JJ-CCR for his own diving brings credibility to his teaching, and reassured us that the unit would be up to the task of our own diving. The unit is a delight in its simplicity, yet robust and absolutely suited for more demanding dives.

We very much enjoyed the class, and we absolutely recommend Mathew as a CCR instructor for advanced divers who wants that extra value in their class. His operation in Chalong, Thailand has a terrific level of professionalism, and the logistics make it a very relaxing and enjoyable place to take the course.