Technical Diver Testimonials

what the students have to say

I feel it is always important to get recommendations about the diving Instructor you will put your faith into to help you achieve your goals, ultimately you will never know if it will be the best method of training for you until you have tried it but it does help if you can obtain a little feedback from past students and customers so here is a few I seem to have made happy.

Rodney E. Gibbs – Australia

After months of electronic communication detailing every conceivable question you could possibly imagine about diving and diving services that could be provided, the decision was made. Pro-tech Dive College would be the facility where I would train to dive the Megalodon ECCR.

I had been a technical diving instructor for many years and have technically dived open circuit at the Advanced TriMix level. I had dived all over the world and explored many wrecks but all my training and courses where completed at home in Australia.

Arriving in Phuket, I didn't quite know what to expect. I had heard and been on the receiving end of many 'Oh yer off to Thailand to buy your cert' jokes but I knew that this was not my motivation or intention. I was undertaking a course, to use a piece of diving equipment, a serious piece of diving equipment, a piece of diving equipment that needed to be respected, understood and even a little feared.

All that I had heard and seen in my research suggested that I was stepping well outside my comfort zone moving into the Meg ECCR and if I was determined to wrestle this beast , I was going to make dammed sure I had the best instructor available to me.

So to me the process was simple. Do your research. Speak to divers. Ask the hard questions and find the people or person that could provide the best knowledge and experience in the field. I was also looking for an instructor that would inspire me, who had an obvious passion for what they are teaching and a person who dives the Megalodon ECCR as their personal choice, not just as an income source. My research took a good 18 months and lead me to the door of Pro-tech and Mathew Partridge.

A balmy afternoon's ride from the Phuket airport to my hotel in Patong saw me checking in, dropping bags, taxi. Next stop the dive shop. I could hardly wait to meet the people I had been speaking too for these past months. Walking through the door of Pro-tech for the first time, I must say, it wasn't quite what I had expected nor pictured in my mind's eye but I quickly came to the realization that this was a serious training facility. Not your typical dive shop cluttered with retail stock and hire equipment. This was made apparent to me with a 'straight to work' attitude, with me being shuffled off into a class room shortly after introductions, placed in front of a mountain of liability forms and course files to be completed before morning tea.

Mathew Partridge....well....! How does one best describe this bloke....? He's a 'Thing'. A dive thing. His obvious knowledge and mastery of the topics he teaches is mind blowing to say the least. He never seems to stop talking but you find yourself never wanting to stop listening.

I have found myself in many classrooms, on many courses, listening to many lectures and within minutes that mind numbing feeling grips me followed by the mandatory heavy eye lids. I don't do classrooms very well. If you have any interest in Technical diving, I can guarantee you this...! When it's Mathew Partridge doing the talking you're compelled to listen.

Matt has a revisit the past, before moving forward teaching style. A style that I have now adopted. Going back over skills, theory and practical knowledge from previous courses that should be considered second nature, for whatever diver level you are. Most often this expected knowledge and skill set is a little more than rusty.

In the Pool and open water the knowledge keeps coming, with Matt's level of experience being more than obvious. A very patient teaching style, combined with years of experience, gives the diver in training a bullet proof confidence. A strong belief that they can and will master whatever skill or task they are being asked to complete as they move through their higher level course.

Pro-tech run very structured courses from point of first contact to course completion. You always know what to expect. The cost, the time frames, nothing is held back. All is given, above and beyond your expectations when first walking through the door.

A note to the wise.... Technical diving offers a diver the opportunity to visit places and stay well past their welcome. Without proper training and well drilled skills, a diver will find themselves in a very unforgiving situation with limited options. Choice of instructor and quality of training becomes of paramount importance to survival.

Since the Meg course I have gone on to successfully complete several other high level technical diving courses under the watchful eye and guiding hand of Pro-tech and Mathew Partridge. I would highly recommend the Pro-tech team of Instructors to anyone looking to undertake a diving course that is offered within the Pro-tech portfolio. I have found the entire Pro-tech experience to be an absolute eye opening pleasure from beginning to end. Matt his family and the staff from Pro-tech not only receive you as a paying customer, a passer through or even equal, but invite you into their lives.

What more could you ask for...?