Technical Diver Testimonials

what the students have to say

I feel it is always important to get recommendations about the diving Instructor you will put your faith into to help you achieve your goals, ultimately you will never know if it will be the best method of training for you until you have tried it but it does help if you can obtain a little feedback from past students and customers so here is a few I seem to have made happy.


In February 2013 I had the pleasure of doing the JJ-CCR Trimix Course and CCR Full cave course with Mathew Partridge at his base ProTech Diving in Phuket Thailand. Discussions regarding the courses commenced mid June 2012, when I had the pleasure of doing a JJ-CCR cross-over course in Gili-T , Indonesia with Mat.

I was impressed with Mats method of teaching and the way skill sets were explained and taught during the cross-over. Many aspects of the unit was discussed and the versatility of the JJ-CCR was experienced 1st hand. Having been given a thorough, well executed cross-over I started discussions with Mat to do the Trimix Course the following year, allowing myself enough time to get the hours and confidence on the unit.

Initially, making plans to only do the CCR-Trimix course and then spend an additional week diving in Thailand, Mat convinced me to do the Full CCR Cave course. Not needing much persuasion I agreed, as it was a chance to further my experience in diving and give me more in-water hours with Mat. I arrived in Phuket, were all the arrangements we discussed were in place.

The courses were conducted over the next 2 weeks and Mat, not leaving anything to chance commenced with a pool session and check-out dives. Once these were complete the course started in full swing. Classroom sessions, discussion, skills training and evaluation dives were conducted to meet the requirements of the course as stipulated by IART for the JJ-CCR and TDI for the Full Cave. At all times during the course Mat not only met the standards as stipulated in the guidelines but also shared his experience and knowledge gained over his years of diving. He ensured that not only the minimum skills where completed for the course, but that the minimum were far exceeded. Mat's attitude to teaching and diving was appreciated. He is professional, leads by example and displayed immaculate skills and knowledge with regard to diving and the JJ-CCR .

What I walked away with was not only a certification, but an appreciation and respect for an instructor, who in all aspects went out of his way to provide a thoroughly enjoyable and professional course. What is next… well, the cave experience was fantastic, adding a new dimension to my diving, and something I most definitely would like to continue.

So … as Mat said "It is up to you to continuously keep practicing and perfecting those skills".